Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

John's primary focus is concentrated on growing and protecting businesses. Commercial Litigation, Transactions & Advice. Other practice areas include Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Real Estate, Civil Litigation and Debt Relief. From simple advice to trial representation, John and his team are prepared to guide you through difficult legal procedures. For years, he has tackled a variety of legal issues for all types of clients, including those dealing with:

  • Asset Protection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Litigation
  • Class Action Suits and Defense
  • Credit Card Defense
  • Contracts
  • Incorporation
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Wills and Trusts

  • Real Estate Purchasers & Sellers

    Save on Critical Contract Review

    Whether you are buying or selling your home, it is a big step, especially in this challenging market! If you’re like most people, your home is one of your most substantial investments and you want to maximize your return. Your return is not based solely on the sale price, however. Other terms such as the tax proration, contingencies and issues raised in the inspection can all impact your return significantly.

    John and his team would be happy to provide a legal review of any contract and advise you before you sign it.

    We are ready to help you win. Our goal is to help you easily navigate complex litigation. We keep our clients up to date on our progress and help them develop a course of action they feel comfortable with.

    We use fixed fees, capped fees and various arrangements in lieu of or as complementary components of an overall plan to control costs without compromising results.

    We understand that our client’s need to predict legal expenses accurately and deliver services within a budget. Our early assessment includes an evaluation of the merits and forum, the business goals at hand and the factors that may impact the case. By making an early assessment, we share our clients’ need to control costs and identify opportunities for an early resolution.

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